52 box de-clutter challenge

Well all of the Christmas decorations are away, all of our family’s events and activities back in full swing, and things returning to a normal routine. Now I have started looking around the house and pondering how to start this year’s 52 box de-clutter challenge. I have decided the only items we will not count in the 52 boxes are hand me downs. I love getting hand me downs and love passing them along (if they survive my kids)

Usually I have gone through the house randomly and as the mood hits me but with this being the 4th year the clutter has diminished substantially and now I think I need a little order.

I started by making a list and assigning each room of the house it to a month, after a few minutes of scribbling and crossing it out… I decided that was not for me.


Over the last few years we have emptied out all the ‘hiding’ spots such as under the stairs, deep dark corner kitchen cupboards, closets and other nooks and crannies. And the best thing is that these spots have stayed empty or at least clean with things we use, even though it may only be occasionally.

So to keep the clutter away and to keep simplifying it is not possible to look at a room once a year as I find that is when items sneak unwilling into ‘long term storage’. Instead I have made a quarterly cleaning list; this means every room will get tackled in some fashion 4 times a year.


I think the reason this will work well for me is because I find if I spend too much time focused on one item I get overwhelmed and I cannot see the best for storage solutions and sentiment gets in the way for getting rid of things.

However if that is not for you, there are many other more organized people who have pondered this predicament and have come up with some good solutions.

Here are a few I have come across






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